The Online Real Estate Promotional company (Thanjai Property) Franchisee Business Opportunity
We are the fastest growing online real estate promotional company offers franchisee business opportunity. This means, as a Franchisee owner, You'll get to experience the best of both worlds: you will be your owning your own company, with leadership and guidance from an experienced, forward thinking real estate Company, and you will operate with a simple, yet efficient, business system.
Here are countless benefits to Unit Franchisee
  • A franchisee is able to open a business, but avoiding costly start-up mistakes by drawing upon the experience of
  • Offering the very latest inventory or services because of ongoing research and development.
  • Being part of larger team with the same goals and objective Synergism.
  • provides detailed training both online as well offline.
  • Franchisee has the incentive of owning their own business with the additional benefit of continuing assistance from
  • Franchisee benefits from operating under the name and reputation (brand image) of, which is already well established leading internet Portal.
  • ThanjaiProperty contains the Franchisee (and very often, the Franchisee' staff as well) in all areas of the business such as; preparation, accounting, business controls, marketing, promotion.
  • The Franchisee receives the benefit on a national scale of advertising and promotional activities at a lower cost than if they were to attempt such marketing themselves.
  • The Franchisee can call on the specialized and highly-skilled knowledge and experience of corporate office organization, while remaining self-employed in their business.
  • The support and benefits provided by a system greatly reduce a Franchisee's business risks and assist with any problems which may arise from time to time in the course of business.
  • The Franchisee has access to use of ThanjaiProperty trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and any secret processes or formulae.
  • The Franchisee has the benefit of the continuous research and development programs, which are designed to improve the business and keep it up-to- date and competitive.
  • provides a knowledge base developed from our own experience as well as that of all the Franchisee in the System, which would otherwise be impossible for a non-franchised business to access.
  • Defined territories of operation within the Franchise can help protect the Franchisee from competition.
  • A Franchisee can always speak to or a fellow Franchisee to discuss their business challenges or problems - something a non-franchised business can almost never do.